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Alice Brightsky: Box Of Me

Box Of Me

(Alice Brightsky)
Release Date: 
Monday, April 1, 2013

Like with most music there are songs that I can like instantly, dislike instantly, or even grow to like/dislike as I hear the music more and more. Alice Brightsky has put out an album that does a little of the instant and growing to like the songs that are played on the new album, “Box Of Me”. She plays a folk rock/indie rock style songs where she the lyrics of the songs are ones that I normally wouldn't like, the sultry voice of Alice Brightsky is what made me like the songs. While what I liked instantly was the sound of the instruments being used in the songs to give them the folk/indie rock tempos.
Box Of Me is a pleasant album to listen to with soulful songs and sultry voice of Alice Brightsky. It was easy to like the songs because of the vocals on this ablum. They are sexy and as I have said, sultry, but they also have a heartfelt quality to them. It's this genuine feeling that these songs have that makes this album good. Her vocals and the lyrics seem to be from a personal experience or at least something that she has felt for herself. This sound is in her voice, it's in the songs, it's what makes the songs soulful and enjoyable.
While I did like the voice of Alice Brightsky the most on this album, the instruments are also played well. For the most part they do match the same tempo and feeling of the vocals where they have this catchy beat to them. There are a few songs that the guitar that's played in them stands out with the unique notes that are being played on it. In fact a lot of the tracks have a unique style of sound being used with the instruments. The tempo of the songs would change where they guide the flow of the song rather than just being played out. Still, it's the vocals that I found the best part of these songs but as a whole Box Of Me is a pleasant, soulful, and sultry album to listen to.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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