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Alice In Zombieland

Alice in Zombieland

Release Date: 
Tuesday, September 25, 2012
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 For those of you out there that are looking at the title & thinking that this book has already been release you are somewhat correct. Back in 2011 Nickolas Cook released a book also titled “Alice In Zombieland” and it in no way relates to Gena Showalter’s book.

Now with that out of the way there are a few things I would like to stress about the title in relation to what this book is really about. For zombie fans out there (which I am one) the zombies aren’t really zombies & they even discuss this in the book. To me they are more similar to wraiths as they pass right through human bodies and they can only attack those that separate from their body to enter a “spirit world” of sorts.

Next for Alice fans out there (which I am also a huge fan of) the references are generic at best. The main character’s name is Alice, her friend goes by the nickname Cat, her love interest sometimes wears hats and at one point in the book Alice wears a blue skirt. There are a few more references along the way that are even weaker such as a woman have salt & pepper colored hair (The Duchess) and a cloud that looks like a rabbit. But that’s pretty much it. 

Needless to say the title of the book is quite misleading.

As for the story itself what you get is a teenage girl who loses her family in a tragic wreck and witnesses something that she hopes was all a delusion. After moving in with her grandparents & attending a new high school Alice tries to move forward with her life. She makes new friends & a few enemies, she develops a crush on the bad boy at school, and she does her best to focus when her mind isn’t bogged down with guilt and depression over the loss of her family. But even with all that going on she can’t seem to shake the feeling that there are things out there watching her, the same things that she saw the night of the wreck. Over time she discovers not only is she right about the supernatural beings following her, there are others that know about them too. She joins the fight ready to avenge her family.


The writing is very awkward throughout the book. The conversations feel forced, just like you would imagine a conversation would go if a teenager was talking to an adult that thought they could still relate by throwing slang in at the wrong times and making mention to bands they thought kids listened too. The witty comebacks, amusing statements, and demonstrations of being tough/strong fall short of their mark. There just seems to be this odd balance of trying to hook the teenage crowd, but reining everything in to not offend parents. You have girls that have had sex, drinking at parties, fights, and intense make-out sessions; but then no one cusses and in fact are insulted when it happens.


Furthermore the author doesn’t really follow most things through. She will put an idea out there but never give it closure or bring it up again, it’s like she forgot about it along the way in her attempts to be up to date with what is going on in today’s world. And just to add to the jumbled storyline characters change personalities throughout. And no I’m not talking about how characters are supposed to change and grow as others get to know them. It’s more along the lines of they will react however will get her story to the place she needs it to go, instead of the story following how the character would react in the situation.


Was this a terrible read? Nah, I’ve read much worse than this before. But it certainly was not the most entertaining thing I have read either. It borders more on a juvenile romantic novel then some sort of supernatural battle story as the title would suggest. Team that up with the author trying to relate with a younger audience but it feeling more like she is mocking them with her attempts to be “cool” and I just can’t see too many readers making it all the way through the story, let alone picking up the next book in series whenever it comes out.

Review by Pandora
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