Alpha Dog

Alpha Dog

On DVD: 
Tuesday, May 1, 2007
Running Time: 
118 Minutes

Johnny may be young; but he has a reputation as a harsh drug dealer that doesn’t take shit. When he loses money on a drug deal because of Jake a war begins between the two. It starts simple enough with just a fist fight which leads to vandalizing, but then things escalate. Johnny sees Jake’s younger brother Zack out for a walk and decides to kidnap him until Jake pays him back. Johnny’s friends take Zack in and soon develop a bond with the shy kid. But when Johnny realizes if the police have proof he kidnapped Zack he will be facing a life sentence he makes a choice that will change everyone.

This movie has faced many challenges. Since it is based off a true story in attempts to get the word out to catch the real life version of Johnny (Jesse James Hollywood) the courts wanted it stopped so not to jeopardize the trail. But that doesn’t stop this movie from being entertaining a in dark realistic sort of way. The acting was a surprise too. Of course Ben Foster and Emile Hirsch are great and believable; but the standouts are Anton Yelchin (Zack) and Justin Timberlake (Frankie).

If you like watching “Cold Case Files” and “America’s Most Wanted” then you will probably really enjoy “Alpha Dog”. There are a few complaints that I have though. One the ending is rushed and you are left with captions to find out what happened to the characters. And two the bonus features. There is a making of and a witness timeline. I would have liked there to be a feature about the real case; but once again for legal reasons this couldn’t be included.

Review by Pandora
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