American Dad!: Volume 6
Bottom Line:

Despite not being as good as Family Guy, American Dad Volume 6 is a solid buy thats worth checking out

For those of you who haven't watched American Dad, its a pretty funny show in the vein of adult cartoons. Being from Seth Macfarlane, the creator of Family Guy, it certainly has its similarities. From the vulgar humor to the animation, the two shows share a lot in common. But American Dad does separate itself from Family Guy in the story and jokes. There isn't any uber referential jokes that practically make up all of Family Guy for example. 


I wouldn't say that American Dad is funnier than Family Guy, but it certainly has enough humor to stand on its own. If you aren't a fan of Family Guy, you probably wont care for this show either. But for everyone else, this is a fun show that ranges from ok to hysterical.


As far as the dvd goes, there are plenty of extras to be found including hilarious commentary, deleted scenes, and some behind the scenes bits on aspects of the show and specific episodes. Not to mention the episodes are unrated so there's no bleeping or editing of profanity. 


All in all this is a solid buy for fans of the show and people who are curious. Don't expect this to be as funny as Family Guy, but American Dad does have its unique attributes. This show is almost solely worth checking out for the funniest alien ever created, Roger. He is honestly one of the funniest sitcom characters I have ever seen! 

Review by Alex Tracy