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Amon Duul II: Duulirium


(Amon Duul II)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 10, 2014

German krautrock band Amon Duul II has a new album out called Duulirium. Even though there are only 8 total songs on this album, the shortest song has a play time of eight minutes fifteen seconds, while the longest song, “Back to the Rules/Walking to the Park” is a whopping twenty six minutes two seconds. So yes, this album only has 8 songs but with the songs being such long play times, it ends up having nearly an hour of play time.
I had no idea about this band, even though Amon Duul II have been around since the late 60's and when looking up about them, that was the first time I found out about krautrock. Turns out that krautrock is just a word that was used at one time for experimental German rock music in the late 60's. The msuic on Duulirium is a odd sort of rock music that when I was listening to it I couldn't quite figure out what style of music was actually being played. I had some mixed feelings with these songs because I liked some of it and I didn't like other parts.
Vocals are the one part that I didn't care for the most on this album while the instruments are what I did enjoy the most. Vocals, which are by Renate Knaup, are rough, scratchy, and has a rasp to them that I didn't find that enjoyable. It's because of the rough, raspy sound of the vocals that I didn't care much for because they didn't fit with the instruments. Though, the instruments did have a good beat and tempo to the songs. There are a few sounds being played that are unique and interesting to hear but with the songs being so long I couldn't stay focused on them. I like long songs but having one that's nearly a half hour long is more than a song, that's a short concert and it was too much. By time I got to the song I was ready for this album to be over with but there was still another half hour of music.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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