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Among Thieves

Among Thieves

Release Date: 
Monday, January 11, 2010
# of Pages: 

With numerous plots and multiple characters you will not be able to put this book down.

Jumping between present day and 1990, the story gives you a fascinating take on what really happened during the St. Patrick’s Day Art Heist and the aftermath that occurs 20 years later, when the Paintings are being shopped on the black market.

Scott Finn is a young attorney has been approached by an old friend, Devon Malley to represent him on a robbery charge that he says was suppose to be an inside job, but something just is not right.  Devon tells his tale of the robbery and then asks for a favor of Scott, care for his daughter and go and speak with Victor Murphy to find out who called in the tip.

Although Scott’s partners in his private practice disagree, he takes on the case and takes in the daughter; little did he know the changes that are going to occur around him and his friends.  All of his leads are being murdered and torture, but by who, Scott is beginning to think that his old friend is not telling him everything that he needs to know.

Liam Kilbranish, an IRA hitman has landed in Boston and in search of answers and he doesn’t care who gets in his way.  He is slowly making his way through all of the remaining mobsters of Whitey Bulgers’ mob but he has still not gotten the answer that he is searching for.  There’s only one other left Devon Malley…

With numerous plots and multiple characters you will not be able to put this book down, David Hosp transports you back and forth between the Art Heist and the events of present day.  Even though this is a work of fiction based on real facts, he gives you an idea of what could have happened to the paintings that were stole from the Gardner Museum on that dreary St. Patrick’s Day in 1990.

So the question still remains, who was really responsible for the St. Patrick’s Day heist in 1990?  Will this crime ever be solved and the priceless artwork ever recovered, the only one that knows that answer is the one who took them.

Review by Chrissy Shattuck