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Anger Management: Season One (BLU-RAY)

Anger Management

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, January 8, 2013
Bonus Features

Gag Reel, Interview, Behind the Couch

Charlie Goodson (played by Charlie Sheen) is not the typical therapist. He holds his anger management sessions for his clients in the living room of his home,  he councils inmates on their anger, and while trying to deal with his own anger issues he’s having sex with his best friend that’s also his therapist. To say that Charlie has a complicated life would be a understatement as he deals with the crazy relationships that he forms with one night stands while also having to deal with his patients who seem to be staying angry even with his help.

Even if you haven’t watched Anger Management it would be hard not to know about the show. After all the hooplah that Charlie Sheen went through before being fired from the other show, this one became a big deal. Anger Management had a lot of hype built up for it that did it’s job by getting people interested in seeing what Charlie Sheen was going to do on the show. Well, the show brought the viewers because it broke records and because the most watched sitcom premiere in cable television history.

This show starts right off using the notoriety of Charlie Sheen by having his character opening the first episode looking into the camera and acting like he’s talking about the show he was fired from. In fact this show is basically a nudge to his life by using parts of his life as parts of the shows development. One show has Denise Richards as a potential woman that Charlie wants to date and while the episode progresses they make little jokes about being in a relationship like they actually had. There’s also Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen’s real life father, who plays the father on the show as well. He’s also a retired baseball player who has anger problems, hmm sounds like another one of the roles he’s been in.

Ok, so it’s not the greatest, wittiest, or even that original of shows when it comes to plots, and it seems like Charlie Sheen is doing it out of spite and for the money. At times the show had some funny moments but it’s not because of Charlie Sheen. His character does nothing new, the jokes are similar in every episode, and with the acting being forced out the jokes became stale. However, the supporting cast has the best jokes, they are quick and pointless but funny, and the actors have good chemistry where they work very well off each other. Even though the supporting characters are only in each episode for a few minutes it’s because of these characters that the show has any interesting aspect. The whole show is nothing new really, even the sexual situations have been in cable shows for a few years now so having it in the show adds no real shock value, and the jokes repeat themselves.

This show has an average look to it for a Blu Ray that has a 1080p aspect resolution. The colors are clear enough, not that sharp or bright, but it doesn’t look that bad. There’s not much noise in the picture, then again there’s not too many scenes that have a lot of blacks in it for there to be a bad picture.  Lighting on the show however does look nice, at times a little too bright because I was able to see how rough Charlie Sheen now looks, but that really has nothing to do with the lighting rather than Charlie Sheen looking rough. I did enjoy the gag reel on the bonus features, it’s short but was funny. 

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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