Anti Social Studies 101 (Escape from New York / The Usual Suspects / Leaving Las Vegas)

Despite Twentieth Century Fox’s procurement of the distribution rights to MGM’s illustrious filmed properties, these “College Essentials” only encompass MGM titles instead of mixing titles from both studio’s varied catalogs.  Despite this slight misstep, the majority of these sets are actually very warranting of purchase.  Whether or not they warrant being “essential” for weary-eyed college students or if they warrant being boxed together is another question.  Check out the rest of the College Essentials here.

This is probably the most random of the series. None of these films really fit in with eachother, let alone fit necessarily with the college scene. Leaving Las Vegas is a a wrenching love story at its core while Escape From New York is a post-apocalyptic cult film that leans toward action and is perhaps the only title that can really garner the titled of “Anti-Social Studies.” The Usual Suspects is perhaps one of the best films of the past two decades but is more of crime thriller than romance or action. All in all, you may enjoy all three of these films, but they certainly don’t mesh well together.

Peter Oberth
Review by Peter Oberth
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