Antonio Pinto: City Of Men (Soundtrack)

City Of Men

(Antonio Pinto)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Brazilian film music composer Antonio Pinto has created diverse and creative film music, and you can expect the same from the soundtrack of City Of Men. This album will please people who love Brazilian beats and sounds, listeners of jazz influenced classical music, and world music enthusiasts.

The opening track “Madrugadão no Mar” has an interesting combination of energetic funk and rap. The instruments and danceable tunes definitely add Brazilian flavor. My favorite “O Pol'gamo” is an absolutely genius piece. It starts off with addictive bluesy soulful rhythms that remind me of the Doobie Brothers’ style. When a trumpet, a trombone and saxophones join with the turntables, it becomes groovy music playable at any time for any happy occasion.

There are quiet and peaceful instrumental tracks as well. “O iPod da Mina”, played by a 7-string guitar, is beautifully crafted. I cannot go without mentioning the unusual arrangements of this entire album. One minute you are listening to the elegant and intimate classical music track “O Pai e o Filho” featuring cellos and a bass, the next you will be surprised with reggae or samba influenced tracks. “Radio” also has a unique concept, and it lets the listeners feel and taste samples of Brazilian radio broadcasts.

If you like world music, I highly recommend the closing track “A Cidade dos Homens (Corpo Fechado)”. The voice of a female singer harmonizes great with a male singer, the instruments, especially a Spanish guitar, and the background chorus.

Antonio Pinto is an outstanding composer that successfully introduces the depth and variety of Brazilian music to the world through film soundtracks. If you enjoyed the City of God Soundtrack, you will not be disappointed with the City of Men Soundtrack. It is like having a compilation of Pinto’s greatest hits.

Review by Pat Trabi