April Smith and the Great Picture Show: Songs For A Sinking Ship

Songs For A Sinking Ship

(April Smith and the Great Picture Show)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Did you know?

An earlier version of The One That Got Away can be found on Smith's 2005 release Loveletterbombs

Inspired by Tom Waits, Edgar Allen Poe, and Wes Anderson, Brooklyn singer/songwriter April Smith infuses her lioness strong acrobatic vocals through swing and country flavored tunes. Lyrically potent with sassy wit (Drop Dead Gorgeous) and country tough swagger (Dixie Boy) Smith and her backing band The Great Picture Show deliver a no filler album sure to satisfy any musical ear.

What made this album perfect for me is that April Smith embodies everything that I love; that 30’s-40’s sensually provocative voice able to hit any high or low, her sense of humor in her music, and the way in which she manages to pay homage to her idols (mine as well) while producing a sound all her own. The partnering of the GPS and Smith is a match made in heaven. Smith’s backing band manages to jump, jive, and wail in any direction Smith happens to go in and from what I’ve read the boys in the band even used an old suitcase as a bass drum, that’s improvisation. In any case it will be a challenge for any critic to not write up a great big love letter for April Smith as far as Songs For A Sinking Ship is concerned. I highly recommend, especially to fans of say; Indigo Swing, Tom Waits, Patsy Cline. Enjoy. 

Album Tracks:

Movie Loves A Screen
Terrible Things
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Can't Say No
What'll I Do
Dixie Boy
The One That Got way
Wow and Flutter
Stop Wondering

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