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Archer: The Honeymooners


The Honeymooners
Regular Air Date: 
Thursdays @ 10/9C
Air Date: 
Wednesday, January 14, 2009
On DVD: 
Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Posing as a newlywed couple, Archer and Lana go undercover to put a stop to the sale of some enriched uranium. It should be a easy mission, set up base in the hotel, spy on anyone suspicious, and stop the sale. That is if this mission was being conducted by anyone else but Archer. Causing the mission to be a bust, Lana must contain her rage as she tries to work out a life changing decision.


I’ve been watching Archer since it debuted in 2009 and there hasn’t been one episode that I haven’t liked. The Honeymooners, episode 9 of season 4, is yet another great episode in the list of a great show. Here’s what makes this episode another not to miss episode in the series, it’s funny, it’s witty, it’s dirty, there’s the action, the fights, the shootout, the jokes, and best of all there’s a little mystery going on with the decision Lana is trying to make.

This show is clever while at the same time being simple with it’s plots and jokes. While the face value of the plot is easy enough to follow there’s the underlying current of a continuing story. Just one of the many aspects that makes the show great and this is another episode that takes the relationships between the characters to another level. This episode progresses quickly with the back and forth dialog that Lana and Archer have with each other. There’s a natural flow to the dialog of this episode where one character enhances the other characters lines where they became funnier. The Honeymooners is another episode where it made me laugh the whole time while by the end had me wanting more.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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