Armon Jay: Everything's Different Nothing's Changed

Everything's Different Nothing's Changed

(Armon Jay)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Armon Jay will be releasing his debut album "Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed" on January 21, 2014. His neo-folk style music has a way of relaxing as well as being an emotional telling of the singer. As with most songs, can't say all because not all songs do, is tell a story, whether it's an experience, a lost love, a love that hasn't happened, or even a trip to the toy story, songs tell stories. This debut album by Armon Jay does that, tell a story, his story, while telling this story it's also giving us some enjoyable tunes to listen to as he sings about his life experience.

For a debut album Armon Jay has done pretty well with it. There is only one real exception on this album, well, one and a half, that keeps it from being a really good debut album. Exception number one is with the first track, "Edge of the Dark" and it's ending. When I first played this song I had to skip past it once it got near the end. What's being played is music, it's meant to have the sound that's being heard, but all I did hear was some squelching of a guitar. It's a fine line with this kind of sound being played because if you are in a work environment or a place where you can't have your music too loud, this ending of the song will become very noticeable. I was in a quiet environment when I first listened to it and when I skipped past it I could feel the silence of the room collapsing back in. It's not a bad sound, it works for the song, and after a few times listening to the song I got to like it but on first impression it was just out of place with the song. For the second expectation, there's just not enough songs on the album.

That might be an exception that's really not one but I would have liked more than 9 songs. By the end the album was over too quickly and I was back again listening to that squelching of the first song. Still, the album is good, I liked the mellow tone of the songs. At times I had to adjust the volume because the vocals and the songs did get kind of soft. Even though the songs are mellow and Armon Jay has a soft voice, the songs have strong rhythms and beats. These are not fast paced songs, they won't have you bouncing around in some mosh pit, but they are good songs. There’s a core to them that makes you feel connected with the singer and the music being played. And though they won't have you crying, there still have some emotion to them.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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