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According to E! News, Jackass star, Steve-O, who was forced into the psychiatric ward at Los Angeles's Cedars-Sinai Medical Center earlier this month, has been discussing his issues with drugs and alcohol in a blog on his Web site.

Steve-O, whose real name is Stephen Glover, said he blames most of his issues on his parents and his troubled upbringing.

"Mom was very alcoholic, and I feel that is a gross understatement. I'd love to say that I first took to alcohol out of affection for my mother (there was never any shortage of that for me), but I think the truth is that I was always powerless over it," he wrote.

Glover discussed one painful memory in particular, "Mom's alcoholism truly reared its ugly head when I was eight and nine years old; it was in 1983 that she lied to the family about having lymph node cancer so that she would have an explanation for staying in bed drunk at all hours," he wrote. "I forgave my mom very easily for her act of dishonesty, my love for her was unconditional."

In addition to reflecting on his past, Glover also discussed looking at his future with more optimism.

"I'm not ready to die. I'm ready to live. I'm ready to breathe (properly even). I'm ready to fall in love. I'm ready to become ready to start a family. I'm ready to be happy, fulfilled and meaningful. Maybe I'll see you f---ers if and/or when I'm ready to die," he wrote, according to E! News.

Glover will face a felony cocaine possession charge on March 26.