On DVD: 
Tuesday, December 5, 2006
Running Time: 
79 minutes

“Atlas” was first released in 1961 and starred Michael Frost as Atlas. The movie was later re-released on DVD in 2006. The movie is about a super-hero (Atlas) who goes to war for a king that ends up having ulterior motives after all the dirty work is done. Atlas switches sides after finding out the truth and fights to make things right.
After the movie was transferred to DVD formats, I was expecting some form of improvement in video quality, but was sadly disappointed. The sound was also a bit choppy and was riddled with cheesy sound effects. The story was predictable and everything about this movie could have been done better, but wasn’t. However, “Atlas” is a great ode to movies of the 60’s and how far they have come since then. However, this movie lacked any real substance and the story was too simplistic. For those reasons, I am giving “Atlas” a “D.”

Paul Arca
Review by Paul Arca
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