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Axegressor: Last


Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Loud, fast, and intense are just a few of the discriptions that I can use for the band Axegressor and their new album, “Last”. This thrash metal band really does put the thrash in the metal, and then adds some for extra thrashyness. Both the instruments and the vocals are coming out in a rapid flow of hostility, agression, and passion. So much so that the pure ferocity of this band is almost overwhelming when listening to for the first time. Even though Axegressor has all the hostility in their music, it's clear that these guys have a serious passion for their music.
When I first started to listen to Last, I was wearing my head phones, which I quickly learned was a mistake because of how loud and intense the music is. Once I had it playing out of the speakers on my laptop I fully got to enjoy this music without cringing in pain. These nine songs are some of the most exhaustive set of songs that I've listened to in awhile. By the time the CD was finished I had to take a breath and relax some before I could listen to it again. Sure I don't understand the majority of what is being sung by these guys, the vocals are fast, they are loud, they are raw, and are not that clear. What they are though are fun and gets you pumped up instantly.
These songs just don't wash over you as they are played out, they punch, kick, spit, and hit you like a brick wall before turning around to slap you on the back of the head. Normally I would not say that having the songs sound similar is a good thing but in this case the songs are so pack with energy that it's hard to even notice that they are similar. There's a continuous barrage of loud vocals and guitar riffs that before I realized it the album was over with and I was left with a sore neck from all the head thrashing action. I'm sure a lot of people would consider this music as just loud noise, maybe on the wrong day and the wrong mood I would too, but this last few days I've enjoyed listening to Last and letting them get me pumped up.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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