HawthoRNe: Season 2 (PREVIEW)


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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jada Pinkett Smith returns as Christina Hawthorne, the Chief Nursing Officer at Richmond Trinity Hospital. Season 2 opens with the massive news that the hospital is closing its doors and many of its staff is being relocated to James River.

All is not well at James River either as the place is a mess with little direction and miscommunication between the staff. You'd think they'd be happy with the extra help but their head nurse is constantly butting heads with Christina. Meanwhile, the rest of her staff is struggling to adjust to the change as well. Thankfully she's able to rally her staff together and make it through at least one day at James River.

In a world where medical dramas seem to be everywhere, HawthoRNe manages to make a lasting impression, mainly carried by the fact that Smith is excellent in the role. Grey's Anatomy just recently aired their season finale and people need their hospital fix, and I would definitely suggest tuning into Hawthorne.

The show has practically everything. For those of you who like the medical mysteries and drama that ensues, there's plenty of that. In addition, there's also multiple side stories involving relationships between the staff, and interpersonal demons. There's something for everyone if you give the show a chance.

The second season opens rather strong and I wonder if the show can keep that momentum up. If they do succeed, then be prepared for a summer hit. Jada Pinkett Smith almost singlehandedly carries the show with her fierce attitude and can do demeanor. If you'll looking for something to watch this summer, look no further than HawthoRNe.

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