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Badi Assad: Between Love and Luck

Between Love and Luck

(Badi Assad)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Badi Assad has a ton of albums in her catalogue but apparently this is the first all original album containing nothing but works written by and performed by her, in both English and Portuguese. Not knowing any of her previous works I simply stepped into the role of listener and began my journey into her world one track at a time.

The album is, as described over at Amazon, a mixture of pop, jazz, and ethnic sounds from around the world, with a contemporary nod somewhere in the mix. You have horns, bongo drums, plucky jazz and rhythm and blues guitar backing Assad’s range of vocal work from playful pop sensibilities to carefree jazz styles. All of this range and style translates well between the two languages on the album making for an easy to listen to album, even if you don’t speak Portuguese.

There is a lot of sound crammed into this album and the production manages to capture it all with efficiency so that you hear ever bongo beat, every slide of the guitar, every whispery end note at the end of a note sun by Assad. I have to give kudos to whoever was behind the production on this album because they managed to capture the sprit of the album without missing a beat or allowing anything to fall to the wayside.

I loved the mix of sound combining so many styles together. Funk, Jazz, Pop, Indie, even some Cuban sounding elements. The fact that there is such a wide range found within every song gives the repeat listen aspects of the album some good weight. I can’t say I use a really huge fan of the more contemporary aspects of the album but the pros definitely outweigh the cons and you’re left with an album that’s relaxing but definitely no push over.  

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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