Barney: Please & Thank You


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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I was going to do my best to give this DVD a fair shake. I really was. I mean, I’m just a tad too old for the Barney audience. But I do have a little munchkin in the house who’s usually a good barometer of kids’ programming. She’s still picking up the nuances of storytelling and whatnot, but she’s already well versed in bright colors, funny sounds and singing and dancing.

So when I put this on, the litmus test began…and it didn’t end well for Barney and his friends. She made it past the previews and as soon as the main feature kicked in, she was completely uninterested. I tried to get her to pay attention and check out the cute characters in costume and their goofy songs. Nothing doing. She was on to the next interesting topic: playing with toys in the living room.

I am a fair man though and I will say this for the aging Dino: as the title would imply, this is DVD is about teaching manners and that’s always good thing for the kiddies. So if your little ones dig the Purple One, then by all means check it out. This just won’t get much play in our house.

Jeremy Hunt
Review by Jeremy Hunt
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