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Barry Brusseau: The Royal Violent Birds

The Royal Violent Birds

(Barry Brusseau)
Release Date: 
Saturday, October 20, 2012

I like mellow songs for a number of reasons but the main one being that they are relaxing. On those days that I want a relaxing beat to help me unwind from a bad day or even after a day like today where I've had so much fun that I'm both mentally and physically exhausted, I want something that will sooth me instead of wind me up again. I wouldn't have expected to get this kind of music from the album Royal Violent Birds by Barry Brusseau but I did and I liked it. This album is that kind of mellow that I like, it's smooth, it carries a good beat, it stays interesting, and it can be played in the background or for times when just wanting a good set of songs to listen to.

Catching my attention right from the start of this album are the catchy and trendy beats being played. Barry Brusseau knows how to format a song that gets stuck in your head right from the start. What this album has going for it, other than the wonderful way it has been able to relax me, is that the album is different. I can hear the folk sound in some of the songs but not truly sound like a folk song. The opening song though threw me off course with what to expect with it's unorganized instruments that are played that sound more like that high school band that has been given a piece of musical equipment. Pig Frost, which is a strange name for a song, has the low key vocals of Barry Brusseau but instruments that don't have any cohesion or untiy as they are being played. It's a fun song, I like it because of the wildness and unpredictability it has.

It's the rest of the album that I like the most because Barry Brusseau has nearly put me to sleep from listening to the album. That might not sound good but let me tell you it's a wonderful thing. These songs are soft with the pacing and vocals but the meaning and the vocals of the songs are quite strong. He might have a tenderness to his voice but he also has a strong voice that stays on key without breaking a note.. His music makes you want to pay attention to it as it plays out while also letting go and letting the music watch over you. The Royal Violent Birds might have a odd name and it might make you think of something action pack but it's just an album that' relaxing while fun to listen to. And if you're not careful it could relax you into a nap.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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