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Bart Got A Room

Bart Got A Room

On DVD: 
Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Running Time: 
80 minutes

The biggest event of a teenager’s high school career is probably the Prom. Once a year, guys rush to find dates because showing up to this event alone is considered taboo I guess. For Danny, it’s looking to be a bit more difficult than the rest.

He has his options though since his best friend since grade school, Camille, doesn’t have a date either but he would rather go with someone else. His divorced parents also attempt to help out young Danny find a girl even though they are rather unsuccessful in their attempts to find a potential partner. Oh, and not only has the uber dweeb Bart secured a date but he also got a room for after as well, hence the title.

Watching this film brings back memories of not too long ago and they were nothing like this. Sure there is pressure to want to have a date to Prom but it never went as far as this film. The entire buildup on this Bart character was also a bit too much. Each time Danny mentions that Bart got a room to his parents, they completely change directions, making it seem like Bart was some horrendous creature destined to be alone. When you actually see Bart, it wasn’t all that shocking.

William H. Macy was probably the most redeeming character of the film. The fact that he made anything sound awkward was great and the scene of him testing the wall thickness on his house was brilliant. He was the primary reason this film was watchable.

If, for some reason, you’d like to see it a second time, there is a ‘pop-up production’ feature that will show production notes during the film. It’s sorta like commentary and I actually enjoyed it more. That’s about it for the bonus features though aside from trailers and previews.

I don’t think I could recommend. As a comedy, there are only a few funny moments and nothing really shines. By the end of the film, you’re left with a neutral look on your face wondering if that was it. 

Matt Rodriguez
Review by Matt Rodriguez
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