Batman, Brave and the Bold: Season 2 Part 1

Batman: Brave and the Bold

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Season 2 Part 2 of the cartoon series Batman: The Brave and the Bold takes the heroes on many journeys with Batman in his quest to fight crime. Aquaman, Green Lantern Corps, Firestorm, are some of the many that appear in this first half of the second season to help the Cape Crusader on his quest. While evil tries to take over the world, Batman takes the time to teach other heroes what they need to know to become the best hero they can be. Along the way Batman also shows what he is one of the best crime fighters around as he is able to defeat enemies much more powerful than himself.




This is my third review for this cartoon and though I liked the show before after watching the first 12 episodes of this second season, now I like it a whole lot more. The format pretty much remains the same, the show opens with a small unrelated story, then a main story that will feature different heroes in each episode helping Batman fight crime or are getting help from Batman, and then finishing with Batman winning. However, there is some change to this season that makes this season a lot more fun to watch.

One thing that I noticed about this season is that it’s a little grittier and darker than season 1 was. The first season has an edge to it but it felt to have more of a comical side to it than a darker side. This is the main difference that I saw in this show, one that made me like it a lot more than I did before, there are still other reasons that these 12 episodes of season are so good. One is because the show did something I’ve never seen before, they made some of the opening stories be concluded into a ongoing story plot. These short opening stories being concluded into a ongoing story made me want to watch more of them just so I could find out what was going to happen. Which sadly the answer to what is happening in the stories being told at the start of the few episodes is not told on this DVD set.


Another reason that I liked this first half to season 2 is that they actually show Bruce Wayne out of the mask, which was very cool and went perfectly with the episode. Though that was just one aspect, there are so many that make this cartoon a great watch, like the characters being really cool and at times really funny, like the “Slacker Batman”, a parallel world that gives Batman superpowers while having the mild manner reporter of that world being a normal Batman, or when the Spectre and The Phantom Stranger appear to make a bet on what Batman does. Batman The Brave and the Bold has taken this season to a new level with well written scripts, plots that are fun to watch, and action that makes me like Batman even more because of how tough he is. The only downside to this DVD set was that there was only 12 episodes on the 2 disc set instead of the 13 like there was on the first 2 sets for season 1. It’s only 1 episode but when the show is this good and fun to watch even missing 1 episode is 1 too many.

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