Batman: Season 3


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Thursday, December 3, 2015

As a kid I loved Batman (like so many of us did) and when Batman the TV series came on (syndicated, of course) I always got a kick out of the literal Boom, Pow, Thwack's that popped up after every punch. The characters were so colorful and larger then life that I didn't even care that the show was so hammy. It was the first iteration of the superheroes I enjoyed reading about that it worked.

Season Three, the final season, of Batman features some of those scattered episodes I remember as a kid. I still enjoyed them, even if they remain as hammy as ever, but the adult in me shook his head a few times at the bare bones release of the show which features every episode from the final series completely remastered, but that's all you get. No special features whatsoever. Just five discs of what some called the worst season (including Adam West) due to budget chops, reduced run times, and main characters dropping off the map.  

There is an interesting slew of guest stars which include Joan Collins, Milton Berle and Eartha Kitt. We see Frank Gorshin as The Riddler for the last time at the beginning of the series and the introduction of Batgirl to kind of fill in the void. The show jumps around on run times going from half an hour to an hour and back again which sometimes makes the shows feel rushed, but also seems to work in a way, while the hour long shows sometimes feel like there's too much time for a convoluted plot. It really is a mixed bag. Still, a must have for Batfans I guess.


AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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