Batman, The Brave and the Bold: Season 1, Part 2
Special Features

None, only the 13 episodes are included on this 2 disc set

Sounds More Like A Soap:
Though have a title of ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’ does sound like it could be soap opera featuring Batman but it’s not. Ok, so it does have some similarities to a soap, for example the oh so dramatic moments that each episode is filled with, but this is so much more fun to watch. ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’ is an animated show that features the main character Batman teaming up with other legendary DC Comics characters like Aqua Man, Green Arrow, Booster Gold, and more to fight villains that are too much for just Batman alone.

Is it Brave and Bold:
I’m a big fan of Batman and when I first started watching this newest version of the character getting animated I was thrilled. Now that I’ve seen the whole first season (here with this one is the second half to the first season), I’m just as thrilled from getting to watch it. Here in this animated version of Batman, the Dark Knight is a whole lot of fun to watch. Each episode is wrote in with witty banter between the heroes and the villains, the plots are made where it would seem like there was no way out but somehow a way is found, and the best part is the art work.

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of the Batman animated shows and this is one of the better of them. With a lot of the other Batman animations they were made in one of two ways, way too serious or way too corny. With ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’ it has a well balance of seriousness and corniness. Just the opening alone will show how much fun this animated show is going to be. It has enough energy in the theme song alone to get you wanting to go fight crime.

Pretty much every element of this animation works out well with each other to make it such a fun show to watch. Voices for the all the characters are great and fit each one, even the small voices being used that are only there to be a small background part are done really well. With that mixture of satire and corniness as well as being serious, the show don’t get boring at all.

Though the plots and the voices are not the main attraction to ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’, it’s the supporting characters that take center stage. For me the favorite was with the episode “Trails of the Demo” because it featured Sherlock Holmes trying to compete with the master detective skills of Batman and then getting a new and very cool looking suit to wear in the process. Though not to be outdone by him the Blue Beetle was fun to watch as well as one of my other all time favorite characters, Batmite makes an appearance.

The Con and the Non:
As much as I like watching this animation I still found that I was not 100% satisfied with it. My main gripe about this DVD set was that it comes in 2 parts. This one being Season 1 Part 2 with the last 13 episodes of season 1 on the 2 discs. Why it couldn't have been released in one box set I don't know but I would have liked it more in the 1 box set rather than this 2. My other gripe is that there are no speical features included on this DVD set. I would have really liked to seen some of the concept art used or possible the behind the scenes of the voice actors recording an episode, anything really would have been better than nothing.

End Thoughts:
‘Batman: The Brave and The Bold’ is one of those animated shows, and note I keep calling it an animated show and not a cartoon because this is not a cartoon just because it’s been drawn, but it’s fit for both children and adults. There’s enough fun, action, and that fun side that will keep anyone watching it interested. Plus the Batmobile used in this is just so cool.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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