Batman: Under the Red Hood (BLU-RAY)

Batman: Under the Red Hood

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Running Time: 
75 Minutes
Special Features

Featurettes, 4 episodes of Batman Animated Series, over 3 hours of special features

Gotham City has gotten itself a new problem when the Red Hood decides to take out the crime families. Not liking this new criminal, Batman goes out to stop him only to find that it’s not going to be that simple. Having to face off with one of his most difficult adversary, Batman has to fight a battle that he might not be able to face in the newest DC Universe animated original movie, Batman Under the Red Hood.

At the beginning of Batman Under the Red Hood, the second Robin Jason Todd (voiced by Jensen Ackles) is beat to death by the Joker (voiced by John Di Maggio) while Batman (voiced by Bruce Greenwood) can’t make it in time to save him. This story line of Jason Todd took place in the comic story line that shocked the comic world,A Death in the Family. This was Batmans worst loss in his career and he was never able to forgive himself for allowing the Joker to kill Robin. Recently in the comics the new Red Hood starts causing trouble for Batman and the criminals of Gotham City.

Batman Under the Red Hood does a good job in bringing to life a story that has been one of the most talked about stories in the Batman history. The artwork on it is great and at times almost looks pretty real. I was impressed with this Batman animated movie with nearly everything about it. Getting to see how Batman went from having a good attitude and wearing the suit that brandished the bat symbol in yellow. Then after the death of Jason Todd it’s shown how Batman has this darker attitude, even his suit has taken on a darker look.

There’s a lot of fighting in this animated movie, though with it being a Batman movie if there wasn’t a lot of fighting it wouldn’t make for a fun watch. Though some of the more brutal fight scenes, like Jason Todd being beaten to death with a crow bar, another fight scene involving another crow bar, and others are not shown. Considering how brutal the scenes are I think it works well that they are not being shown but they are heard so it’s known what’s going on.

Batman Under the Red Hood has a good cast of voice actors in it. There wasn’t any moment that I thought that any of the characters sounded wrong. Batman didn’t sound over gravely, Joker has a good strained crazy to his voice, and Robin wasn’t whiny at all. By the time it was over I was wanting more. This movie just wasn’t long enough for me. I think there could have been of a story with the Black Mask (voiced by Wade Williams) and Nightwing (voiced by Neil Patrick Harris). But aside from it not being long enough for me Batman Under the Red Hood is one of the better Batman animated movies I’ve seen so far.

Though, the movie is not the only really good thing on this Blu Ray disc. The special features on this film are packed with goodness. The one that I liked the most was the 4 episodes from the old 1990’s Batman Animated Series that was on tv. Not only that but there’s over 3 hours of extras like the animated short Jonah Hex, first look at Superman/Batman Apocalypse animated movie, and so much more. Batman Under the Red Hood is a fun, exciting, well made animated movie to watch. With the Blu Ray the art work makes this animated movie stand out and are so clear that it looks nothing like the old animated movies.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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