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On DVD: 
Tuesday, August 28, 2012
Running Time: 
85 minutes

After 6 bank robbers turn what should have been a easy job into a huge mess that includes the death of a police officer and ends with their escape plan being a bust, they have to find a place to hide for 24 hours. With $3.2 million in cash, the police force after them, the six men find an abandoned cabin in the woods that should be ideal for their hideout. As the robbers begin to celebrate their escape things go from bad to insane as they find themselves being hunted by a Vietnam vet. If they can survive the 24 hours they will become millionaires but they face an unseen foe that has secret tunnels and has prepared for a long time for this kind of hunt.

When I saw the cover of the DVD for Battleground I didn't think it was going to be a good movie. Which is why I read the description on the back of the case and my thoughts where changed. Having a plot about a group of robbers who are hiding out in the woods who end up getting hunted down by "a Vietnam vet with a score to settle" sounded at least interesting. What this one little sentence made me think was that the vet must have known or went to war with one of the robbers and by chance years later they meet up again in the woods after the one robbed a bank and now the vet wants to get back for something that was done to him. Sounds interesting to me but it’s not what this movie is about. What it's actually about are 6 bank robbers hiding in the woods that are by chance inhabited by one really crazy and whacked out vet who just wants to kill them.

Through this whole movie I kept waiting for a reason why the Hunter (played by Hugh Lambe) was going around killing anyone that entered his woods but that answer was never given. I was also waiting for the 6 robbers who are the typical bad guy type to start fighting each other for the money but aside from one instance they don't really and that one instance wasn't even done because of the money but rather the guy was being stupid, and was already shot which slowed them down. There is another instance where I would have liked a little more information given is with the character of this mysterious girl that appears, Heather (played by Lee Sandford), and gives this story about her boyfriend was killed and she was being hunted. It felt like she was put in the story to have a female character in it but that character wasn't developed enough to even be worth having in the story to begin with.

With this sort of movie though I suppose having a definitive answer(s) don't really matter. Everything about this movie is the blueprint of a crazy killer in the woods killing the unlucky group that enters those woods. He has no need of a reason to kill them other than he's a wacko and their reason of being killed is because they are there. So with no real developed plot line other than that, Battleground holds true to its purpose, lots of action and killing. The Hunter does his job by finding ways to keep these 6 robbers lost as he hunts them to their deaths. There are a few scenes used with the Hunter that are a bit graphic and gory that I thought was a little much for the movie and served no real purpose other than to add to the fact of the Hunter being crazy and to show it. I would have liked the robbers to have actually done more to the Hunter but considering all characters in this movie are villains giving one or more a happy ending is pointless. Battleground won't win any awards, it's not original, and it has some parts I would have liked to been different, it still has a lot of action and it has an ending that wasn't surprising.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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