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Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome (BLU-RAY)

Battlestar Galactica Blood and Chrome

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Running Time: 
188 minutes
Bonus Features

Deleted Scenes, Visual Effects

For many long years the war against the Cylons, a sentient robotic force, has been waging on with the human race. It's a battle that has caused many deaths but before all those deaths could occur there was a first battle. Fresh out of training a natural born pilot has set his sights on being a fighter pilot against the Cylons but on his first mission he gets asigned a ship that's slow, old, and not a fighter. William Adama (played by Luke Pasqualino) is young, rash, and headstrong, all features that his seasoned co-pilot Coker (played by Ben Cotton) hates as he must deal with this fresh pilot with only 2 months left on his tour. Their mission is to escort Dr. Beka Kelly (played by Lili Bordan) to a undisclosed location with not knowing anything about the mission or why she had to go to where she is going. It's a mission that seems like it's a babysitting gig but the two pilots find themselves in a life threatening fight with no information and being at each others throats.

I'm not a Battlestar Galactica fan even though I have friends that love the show and have tried to get me to watch it since it first came on. Which I've actually have watched some of the show but have yet to watch it from the start of season 1 to the last episode but I now plan on doing that. Battlestar Galactica Blood and Chrome is the reason why I now want to watch the show. Blood and Chrome first aired online as a 10 part miniseries that later was shown on television as a movie and now has been put out on Blu Ray/DVD. It tells the story of pilot William Adama just getting his first mission as a pilot and how he got his start in what is a life long career in fighting the Cylons. It also takes place at the start of the Cylon war where the robots aren't the sleek looking machines of death they are on the main show. It's basically a introduction into the show, a prequel if you must, and this is why I am now interested in the.

For a project was produced for the internet I was really impressed with how much it looks and flows like a movie would. Aside from the cuts where it's instantly known that was a break, Blood and Chrome has everything actual movies have and for some movies it has even more going for it. What I was impressed with the most about this movie is that without even knowing anything about the Battlestar Galactica show I was able to pick up quickly what was going on and now have a good idea of what the show is about. The characters are well developed, which could be due to the fact that William Adama is the same character from the show only in Blood and Chrome he's young and just starting his career. These characters where easy to like, though they were also easily annoying as well but that is because the actors playing them do a really good job in their roles. Luke Pasqualino made me believe he was this way too eager pilot ready to destroy every Cylon on his own no matter what order he's been given while also being annoying because he does do these rash actions that could kill him and others. Then there's Ben Cotton who is the almost retired military pilot who just wants to make it to the end of his tour but now has to deal with this young upstart pilot who seems to be more dangerous than the Cylons.

Blood and Chrome has the ingredients of a good movie and they have been used in the right amounts. There are the quintessential characters of the upstart, the seasoned veteran, and a love interest. There's also the plot where we are made to think that the secret mission they are on is going to be this cakewalk mission that the upstart pilot hates and the veteran loves because of how easy it seems but then it turns into a lot more than both of them bargained for. Making it work more still are the special effects used for pretty much the whole movie. The Cylons look like they are real robots that are walking around trying to kill the humans, the ships look used but real, and the fights are fast and smooth. I've seen movies that were put in theaters with worse effects but if I hadn't found out that this was first produced for the internet I would never have guessed it. It's a quick paced movie where the plot moves along without losing me or getting boring. I was able to understand everything that was going on and it's put together so well that yes I now want to watch the show so I can see where this story leads to.

Having a movie that has a good plot, well developed characters, editing that moves the story along, and graphics will make for good movie but when you have a movie that looks good just makes it all the more better. So much is going on with this movie visually that it could be a little much but all of it has some high detail to it. One aspect that is noticeable right off are the colors being used. I'm not just talking about the normal clothes and sets but the multitude of colors with the lights and ships being seen. This is as much a visual movie that delivers a fun experience with a picture that is sharp with no grain in any of the blacks. The only thing that I didn't like that got on my nerves was all the lens flares being used. Every single light has been given this effect where they are overlaying each other and interfering with what's going on. It's good to have some but to put it in numbers with 1 being low end and 10 the high, this should have been a 3 for needed lens flares but it's been given a 20. Yes it's that overdone and overused to the point that it hurts the look and quality of a movie that was so good with everything else.


Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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