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Bear McCreary: Defiance- Deluxe Edition
Over the years I’ve covered a few titles from Bear McCreary, and all of them have been fantastic. The man is this generations go to composer responsible for giving a lot of science fiction television the musical voice it should have. That being said, when I found I was once again covering McCreary, this time for the deluxe soundtrack to Defiance, both the video game and the SyFy show, I was pretty excited. 
My first go rounds with the double album were iffy. I’ll be honest, I covered the show, and I didn’t really like it. It kind of irked me that at the end of most of the episodes I found myself uncontrollably judging cover songs that finished out the closing scenes for the show. These, of course, were on the album. They never grew on me. 
McCreary’s brother, and often times element in his orchestral line up, Brendan McCreary, also had a few tunes on the album. I thought they were a bit hit or miss. Even the use of the wonderful Raya Yarborough, whose vocals in Apocalypse (BSG: The Plan) will forever haunt me every time I listen to it, feels underused. 
What the double album actually comes down to are McCreary’s straight compositions, which is pretty much all of the game soundtrack. There are a few found in the show disc, the title sequence is amazing, but where the album really shines the game disc. 
If you’re a fan of Bear McCreary you’re going to love his work on the game disc. The title sequence, which feels concept here and stretched to a whopping 4:20 where is the TV theme is a mere :33, sends chills up and down my entire body. It’s ominously beautiful blending McCreary’s signature orchestrated electronics into a evolving juggernaut of sounds. 
The rest of the album follows suit. It all sounds like the soundtrack to a nightmare you’re trying to wake yourself up from. There’s moments of clarity and safety, and just when you’ve started to feel relaxed an electronic surge of trouble comes out of nowhere. Just amazing as usual. 
I can kind of understand the show disc which features more vocals and a more thematic presence, but for my money I just want McCreary’s signature sound. No covers, no rock songs. Just McCreary blowing it up like he always does. 
From what I understand you can get the 2 disc deluxe edition in a physical copy or buy the discs separately in Lossless MP3 form. I’m the kind of nut that would buy the physical copy just to add it to my growing collection of soundtracks by McCreary, but the option is there. Enjoy. 
AJ Garcia
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