Bee Season

Bee Season

On DVD: 
Tuesday, April 4, 2006
Running Time: 
104 minutes

The Naumann family is one that is deep troubled and highly intelligent. Saul is a very focused man that teaches Jewish theology and wishes to fully understand the secrets of Kabbalah. When his young daughter wins the local spelling bee he turns his focus to her, drifting away from his troubled son looking for religion and his distraught wife who is not able to escape the pains of her past. Eliza at first embraces her father’s interest; but soon realizes that she holds the secrets of keeping her family together.

Bee Season focuses highly on an intellectual story; but in doing so it seems to abandon the development of several characters. Drifting along in a hazy plot based around the power of words it fails to use any itself to really bring the story alive. I understand that this film is not for everyone and it certainly makes that evident. I am drawn to movies that have a deep meaning and can focus on other levels besides the straight action or slapstick comedy; but I feel that Bee Season walks a fine line between deep and slightly unfinished. I could not shake the feeling that it was missing something. Flora Cross that portrays Eliza is very talented and no fault can be found with what she offers. Along with the wide and full screen versions of the movie you also get commentary, 6 deleted scenes, a making of, and 2 features about the movie.

Review by Justin Anthony