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Being Human: Series 5

Being Human (UK)

Series 5
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Series 4 of Being Human ended with a bang, literally, and saw the final appearances of the original cast of George and Annie. It also introduced fans to the new vampire, werewolf, and ghost trio that would continue on the series. Do Hal, Tom, and Alex have what it takes to carry on the show or does it fade away without any of its major characters?

Series 5 acts as a sort of ‘reboot’ for the series, which is a bit weird considering that it is the final season of the show. The ageless vampire Hal (Damien Molony) and the somewhat dim but goodhearted werewolf Tom (Michael Socha) along with recently deceased ghost Alex (Kate Bracken) all live together now. Just like in series past, they struggle with their supernatural bodies. All they want to do is live a normal, human lifestyle but something always manages to shatter the illusion and remind them of the beasts they truly are.

With all of the Old Ones destroyed and the prophesies no longer a threat to the world, Series 5 needed a new villain to go along with its new main cast. What better villain to end the series with than the Devil himself? Played by Phil Davis, the Devil is a deceptively cunning old man bound to a wheelchair who is hell bent on destroying the world, and Hal, Tom, and Alex are the only ones who can stop him.

Whether you’re a fan of the show or a newcomer, Being Human Series 5 is a welcoming transition with the new characters. Hal, Tom, and Alex are very reminiscent of the original cast but have differences that they can stand on their own. It’s shame that Being Human is over and that they only got six episodes as I would have liked to see a continuation of their story arcs. The ending leaves the series open for future episodes, though, so who knows. Maybe we’ll see some form of a continuation after all, whether that’s more episodes or even a film.

Being Human has had a successful run and Series 5 manages to impress with a solid cast and storyline despite no longer having any of the original members. It definitely goes out on top, and I couldn’t think of a better way to finish the series. No doubt it’ll leave you craving for more.

Matt Rodriguez
Review by Matt Rodriguez
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