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Ben 10 Omniverse: Heroes Rise

Ben 10 Omniverse

Regular Air Date: 
Saturdays @ 9:30AM ET
On DVD: 
Tuesday, July 9, 2013

BEN 10:
Ben Tennyson, he's the 16 year-old that has the ability to change into aliens making him a hero. He's a kid who wants to do good in the universe and have fun while doing it. Though getting teamed up with a newbie named Rook who likes to do everything strictly like the rules say has put a crimp in Ben's heroics.

VOL 2 Omniverse:
First things first with this DVD set is that it includes 10 episodes from the Ben 10 show. Yeah, I know that's self explanatory as it's Ben 10 DVD but what is not said on the case is that the episodes actually are not in order and skipped over some other episodes to have this list of 10. Being that I don't actually watch the show I had to look online to find out what I could about the episode list. The episodes that are skipped over are ones I don't know about so I don't know how much their plots play into the episodes that are on this DVD. As for the 10 episodes that are on this DVD, they are ones that delve into Ben having to team up with someone that's basically his opposite.

This show seemed pretty much the same to me as the previous episodes that I've seen. The formula has Ben changing into different aliens to fight other bad aliens. He has his moments that he is in trouble, he ends up winning, and there's the corny jokes that are being used. I can't say that I was really into the show, it's just not that interesting for me and with it having the same format over and over again I can't fully like it. Though I also can't say that it's a bad show, after watching the show for my reviews it's actually starting to slowly grow on me. I can see how the show is entertaining, especially for kids, after all it does have aliens fighting each other. This show has decent characters, a kid who makes for the stumbling hero, the rookie hero who wants to do everything by the book, and a villain who is really evil that must be stopped.

Even though it does have some decent characters I still maintain that the show just repeats itself. There are moments that the show does take on a different format and those are the episodes that I enjoyed more than the rest. But those are few and far between. Though I think there were a few characters from previous DVD's that are not in this one and I don't know why they're not in these episodes. Maybe it's told in one of the episodes that are not included on this DVD, not that it matters because I don't know why they aren't there. Also, the art looks a little different in these episodes compared to the past ones that I've seen. It might just be that it's been over a year since I last seen the show and I'm just imagining things but the look of the show seems different. It looks fine, it's not bad or anything, I actually like the way the show looks, but it does look a little different. But still, the show is one that seems to repeat itself, the fights are ok but the plots are predictable, even with the new character Rook in the show, I knew how every episode was going to end.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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