Ben 10: Ultimate Alien - Volume 1

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ben 10 returns in an all new regeneration of his previous show, Alien Force, with Ultimate Alien. This time the Omnitrix has gathered the most potent forms of his alien incarnations. Does this mean this is the end for Ben 10. The show has gradually moved from Ben being a young Boy who somehow stumbles across the Omnitrix and discovers that his Grandfather is part of an intergalactic policing force to his adjustment to the powers of the Omnitrix and his willingness to take on evil head on. With his alien forms at their peak power it seems like the show has nowhere left to go? Or does Man of Action have a trump card up their sleeve?

Ben 10 has millions of fans that have been following the growth of Ben Tennyson, literally, as he’s grown from a boy to a young adult. In this chapter of Ben’s life the cat is out of the bag. Filmed by a young fan Ben is exposed as the superhero that he is and now that everyone knows he’s become a quick celebrity, but with exposure comes vulnerability as his family comes under attack by old enemies. This 10 episode collection follows Ben in his new found stardom as well as introduces us to a new danger by the name of Aggregor, a powerful alien who has collected other aliens with the plan of draining them of their power. So to make matters worse for Ben and his crew they must take on old enemies as well as new ones while trying to save the captured aliens and possibly their world.

This seems to be the first installment of a new chapter so the action’s not as Ben 10 like as it should be and the stories, sometimes, tend to try to act as stand alones without much of an ending as they come to a close. Still, overall, this installment was entertaining and a good peek at future things to come for Ben as he continues his battle against Aggregor and anyone else who stands in his way.

Bonus features are pretty weak. Making of the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Video Game. Its obvious the introduction of new spin off’s to the show as it progresses is a chance to create more characters, more toys, more opportunity to milk this cash cow for what it is, and that’s just good business. However, product placements as a bonus feature just seems bad hat. The only other feature on the disc is your usual Alien Database. I’ve never considered them to be much of a bonus, maybe the kids would love to see them, once or twice, but as bonus features go I put these little profiles up there next to trailers, maybe even below trailers. That’s it in a nutshell. As always final judgment is yours. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
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