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Falling Skies: Season 4 (PREVIEW)

Falling Skies

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Sundays @ 10PM ET
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

War time is never easy but when the war is spread across the entire world and the enemy is one from another planet the term war no longer exists. Survival is the key term now for Earth and it's people as the aliens known as the Espheni begin to use a more brutal tactic as they fight the human race. What little resistance there is have now been separated and put into prisoner camps to keep them subdued. Hope still lives in the Mason family as the father Tom Mason (played by Noah Wyle) tries to get the 2nd Mass group to the new capital of Charleston. Arriving at the capital the group believe all will be well but they quickly find out that nothing is well in this new world that's become a battle field between the Humans, Espheni, and the new alien race the Volm and the winner will get the Earth.

I got to say that I've been impressed with the show Falling Skies since it first premiered in 2011. One of the most impressive aspects of the show have been the quality of the CGI graphics being used for the fights and aliens. Not only that but the show is set up more similar to a movie rather than being a television series. Because the show has these to use, Falling Skies has been able to continue to produce episodes and seasons that are full of excitement, cool looking evil aliens, and lots and lots of drama. Season 4 has opened in no less than expected with a lot of action, a lot of drama, the cool aliens, and some new plot twists to make this season look promising. No, I won't give away anything that I've seen so far because along with some expected events there are some moments that I think will be a surprise for anyone that watches the show.

Which a surprise is what these first two episodes bring for the cast of the show as they pit them against the Espheni that have a new plan for the human race. What that plan is I can't say because I don't know what that is at the moment but I'm thinking that over the course of this season we will find out that it's something that won't be good. There's a lot going on in these first two episodes and the action begins right at the episode opening. Which was entertaining for me because of this is a show about an alien invasion that's been going on for awhile so the action should still be happening with a little less of the character development. Not that the there's no longer any character development, there is and the drama is still there, but I still like th action of the show.

These first two episodes bring in the regular cast but they are no longer put in the familiar situation that was happening before. Which having the characters go through new obstacles as they battle for their freedom and the freedom of the world is what's keeping this show going, plus it makes for these new episodes to be good. One thing that I noticed with this season is that it seems to get me more emotionally involved with the story line and the characters as they try to do something new. What that is I think will have people talking about it because it will pit the characters against each other at one point in the future, or at least that's what I'm thinking. Once again the cast are doing a good job at making their characters fun to watch, but then again I've always liked Noah Wyle as an actor. Still, Falling Skies keeps the action going, it has a new plot line that should be very interesting to watch play out over the course of this season, and the aliens seem poised on a new way to fight the humans, so all in all, lots of fun ahead.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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