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Big Rich Atlanta (PREVIEW)

Typically when I do my reviews I write a paragraph giving a description about what I watched or listened to. This time however I can't really do that because it would end up being at most 2 sentences. So for the new reality show Big Rich Atlanta I will just give the synapses of the show here then keep going on with my review. This show is about a bunch of wealthy women and their daughters that live in Atlanta doing things together. While they talk about what it's like to be rich we get to see all the bickering, fighting, name-calling, hate, love, drama, drama, and more drama that can possible be squeezed out of these women. Other than that I really don't know what this show is about.

With most shows, even the reality shows, I know what I'm going to be watching will have at least some point to the show. Cooking shows talk about the food, the house shows have the people living there slowly being kicked out to there's only one left, there's shows about cars and guess what they talk about cars, pawn shop shows that show the items and deals, but Big Rich Atlanta has no point. Maybe the point is that there is no point, if so it still is a bad show. Watching this show just reminded me about how petty people can be as well as snobbish and judgmental. It was painful to watch and completely annoying when these women would talk to one another face to face but when doing the interviews for the camera they would put those same women down. It's talking behind the back of a person while on camera for a television show, yeah that's a real appealing aspect for a show.

Reality shows are hard enough for me to enjoy when the shows actually have something to show but Big Rich Atlanta has no substance or point to it. I don't care about these women or their lives. I don't care that they have a lot of money or that they flaunt having that money. I don't care that they enjoy going out to expensive places to bicker and fight with each other. I really don't like watching a show where this type of personality, actions, and thoughts are being passed down to their daughters to continue the same attitudes and behavior. I wouldn't want to be friends with these people so spending what precious time I have on this Earth being wasted watching these women is something that I will never do again.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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