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Big Trouble In Little China (BLU-RAY)

Big Trouble In Little China

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, August 4, 2009
Running Time: 
100 Minutes

The Mortal Kombat characters Shang Tsung and Raiden were inspired by the characters of David Lo Pan and the 'Storm' called Lightning, respectively.

This is a classic amongst die-hard bad movie fanatics and Kurt Russell fans alike.  Though director John Carpenter is more known for his horror film, Halloween, some of his best work came with Russell in front of the camera, including this film and 'Escape From New York'.

Amazing.  The picture is as clear as most modern movies released on the format.

Featurettes, extended ending, deleted scenes, music video, trailers, interviews, photo gallery, commentary.

This is how blu-ray releases should be.  The picture quality is absolutely stunning.  Comparing the film to the trailer, you can really see the outstanding work that went into re-digitizing the film.  The bonus features are heavy, with deleted scenes and about all the featurettes you can handle, but the music video by director John Carpenter really takes the cake (look it up on youtube if you are curious).  A great release that really sets the bar high and shows what a studio is capable of doing to older films.

Peter Oberth
Review by Peter Oberth
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