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Bill Moyers: On the Hudson

Bill Moyers: On the Hudson

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I was pretty surprised to come across Bill Moyers: On The Hudson, a program from a journalist who I love and respect for putting out some quality programs, but felt this particular program was a bit dry. There are certainly some instances in the program that exceed in informative nature where I’m sure that a lot of other programs on the Hudson would skimp, but maybe that was the issue I was having.

Moyers usually has some pretty insightful and inquisitive programs that take a look at a subject and offers up some amazing facts that revolve around the shaping of all things in proximity to the subject. The Hudson played an integral role in helping America defeat the Brits and inspired an art form, but the context of all this information really didn’t excite me or move me to feel inspired by some of Moyers other bigger titles that cover subjects like Civil Rights or the history of Human Nature. While On The Hudson was an ignorable school special at best, I really couldn’t get into it.

The release comes with a bonus segment which is a very short 5 minute run about environmental activist Fred Danback, as well as a 12 page booklet inside of the case that further elaborates on The Hudson. Wish I could have loved it more, and there is an audience out there for this program, but it just wasn’t me. It simply did not speak to me as most of Moyers amazing releases do. 

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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