Birds of Tokyo: March Fires

March Fires

(Birds Of Tokyo)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Birds of Tokyo, the band that's origin is from Perth, Western Australia, Australia, has released their fourth studio album. "March Fires" is the bands newest alternative rock album was released back on March 1, 2013 in Australia as well as North America and is the bands second major studio album label. This band is comprised of 5 guys, Ian Kenny, Adam Spark, Adam Weston, Glenn Sarangapany, and Ian Berney who make some catchy rock songs to listen to. Even though the album has been out for over a year, this was my first time listening to the album and first time hearing the band.
It was a decent introduction to this Australian band where I got to listen to some upbeat songs that have a nice way of making you feel good. This group has some talent, after all they have released four albums, two of them major studio labels, and that is good but that don't mean the band is great. I have to get the negative out of the way first, which is this album is filled with songs with a similar sound in them. It's one of my biggest hang ups with CD's is when I listen for nearly an hour worth of songs that could really be one song. I could have listened to two maybe 3 songs off this album and have gained the same amount of knowledge and enjoyment as if I had listened to the whole album. Change some tempos, change the beat, leave the vocals off of a song, just do something that would distingush the songs from one another.
Don't get me wrong, the songs are played well, they are fun and peppy, they just sound the same. Let me put it in another way. If I were to have heard one of the songs on the radio I would have liked it enough that I would want to hear the whole album. There are good melodies in the songs, the choruses are catchy and make me want to sing along with them, and I really liked the drums in some of the songs. It's just that the songs don't give enough variety to make the album stand out. Birds of Tokyo is a band with talent in their playing skills and the vocals are sung good as well, the lyrics are catchy and have a decent amount of emotion and energy in them, I like the way the songs do sound. I like how they have a good amount of energy to them and that they can make you feel a little bit better on a bad day. They're a positive band with songs that have pep in them and that's a good thing. It's because of this energy and pep, the catchy lyrics and the vocals that I did enjoy the songs. Sure they have a flaw, every band does, but if I listen to this album in doses instead of all at once, I will enjoy it a lot more.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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