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Black Sabbath: 13


(Black Sabbath)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 11, 2013

There are some bands that are known about even to people that haven't listened to any of their music. One band in particular is Black Sabbath or I should say mainly the lead singer of the band, Ozzy Osbourne. He has become pretty popular because of that reality show he was one that followed his family around. So yeah, people might now know him because of that show but now with the new album 13, Ozzy is once again singing for Black Sabbath on their newest studio album. In fact this is the first studio album with Ozzy in a good many years but that hasn't stopped or slowed him down any.

13 is a reunion album for this band that has been around for a very long time. How they can still be able to do what they do is beyond me, I'm actually kind of surprised that Ozzy is still alive but regardless of their past it's the present I'm here to talk about. Here's the thing about this kind of reunion band doing a new album, everyone expects them to sound like their old selves but when they are over 40 years old (the band not the members who are older) can still get out the levels they. When Ozzy speaks no one can understand a word he says but when he starts to sing it's as if a different person is using his vocals because I can understand him. As I was saying though, doing a reunion album means people expect you to sound like your old albums but with being older the sound won't be the same. I expected that the band would loose some of the edge, well a lot of the edge, they had when they were young and making a statement. What I didn't expect was an album that had songs on there that felt like a close proximity to what the band would have sounded like back when they where young.

Once again Black Sabbath has been able to do what made them popular back in their early days with the dark, depressing, and doom filled songs. Ozzy still has that unmistakable voice that has a high pitch as he hits some high notes in the songs. In fact I was a little surprised at how well his voice does sound on the songs. Granted he doesn't quite have the same strength in his vocals as he once had but at his age and the wear & tear on his body, Ozzy sounds pretty good. I found myself enjoying the album more than I expected to with its catchy beats, the quick rhythms, and the energy that the songs have. They might not be their glory days but Black Sabbath don't sound old either. This album could easily be mistaken for one that came out only a few years later rather than one in the double digits.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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