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Blameshift: Secrets


Release Date: 
Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Long Island based rock group Blameshift released their latest record - Secrets - earlier this month.  The independent band obtained many sponsors and traveled to Los Angeles to work with Erik Ron who has previously partnered with both Good Charlotte and Panic at the Disco.  Formerly heralded by Hot Topic as one of their "Unsigned Bands of the Month," the act is eager to break out of the pack and make a name for themselves.  Unfortunately, Blameshift's new polished sound and strong performances from lead singer Jenny Mann can't save Secrets from a multitude of generic tracks that fall flat.

The record begins on a good note with tracks like "The Enemy You Need" and "Not Enough."  No one can argue that Blameshift sounds great, particularly for a rock band consisting of only three members.  Mann's infectious delivery of the chorus props up some of the songs and listeners will find it hard not to like them as a result.  I was most excited to hear "Destroy Your Masquerade" which features Mann teaming up with 12 Stones front man Paul McCoy.  The result is your standard relationship song, but the unique pairing makes it somewhat worth going out of your way to check out.

At the midway point of Secrets the enjoyment factor goes downhill fast.  Beginning with "Revolution" and continuing on tracks like "Let Go" and "No Apologies," uninspired lyrics dominate the album and it feels like the band is just treading water.  The worst offender is "Operating Table" where Mann sings about someone stitching her heart, putting her back together in one piece, and other brutally cheesy medical-related lyrics.  The band only ventures outside of their comfort zone on the much softer "Wherever It Goes" with a gentle, relaxed presentation by Mann.  Although it seems very out of place on the album, Blameshift should further explore this sort of variation on their next effort.  I can't recommend a blind purchase, but for rock fans interested in a talented female lead singer (or if you’re a 12 Stones completionist) Secrets might have a couple tracks right up your alley.   

Cody Endres
Review by Cody Endres
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