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In Theatres: 
May 23, 2014
Running Time: 
117 minutes

It’s been a long time since Adam Sandler has done a decent comedy. His streak of unfunny and painfully boring films continues with Blended, a rom-com with none of the romance and none of the comedy. There are some things that simply can’t blend, like Adam Sandler and comedy anymore.

Blended reunites Sandler with Drew Barrymore for the third time in this romantic comedy that takes their two dysfunctional families to Africa for some quality bonding. Jim Friedman (Sandler) is a single father of three girls who goes on a blind date with Laruen Reynolds (Barrymore), a single mother of two boys.  One horrible date later and the two find themselves both traveling to the same resort in Africa for a family vacation. Apparently they both share a common friend, Jim’s boss and Lauren’s friend’s ex, who they convince to give them the all expenses paid trip when his plans fall through. Now the two families are stuck with each other for the duration of the trip and, as it turns out, end up having more in common than they initially thought.

There is little humor to be found in Blended. Nearly every joke is a painful jab to the side in the dull trip to its conclusion. While there are a handful of funny moments, like Terry Crews’ over-the-top performance, the film runs them into the ground until there is no laughter to be found. Seeing him randomly show up in a scene is great one time. Seeing him do the same thing a dozen times is annoying. Sandler utilizes this “wash, rinse, repeat” formula throughout the entire film that makes its two hour running time seem like four.The humor itself consists of around 90% sexual jokes and 10% making fun of children. It makes for an awkward film, especially since the plot focuses so hard on a family theme.

Blended is simply another lifeless comedy from Adam Sandler that further alienates you from that fact that he used to be funny. While there is a good joke or two, literally, and the scenes shot in Africa look good, it’s nowhere near making the film watchable. Clearly, nothing in this film blends right.

Matt Rodriguez
Review by Matt Rodriguez
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