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Blowsight: Life & Death

Life & Death

Release Date: 
Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I've heard and read reviews where people have described a band as being a roller coaster of a ride but it's one I don't use often. After listening to the album, “Life & Death” by the band Blowsight I have come to the conclusion that I would have to call it a roller coaster ride. Listening to this album has the listener thinking one thing before so quickly changing course to give a whole new experience with a different song. This album has so many different twists and turns with the songs and styles that's being played that I have no real genre I can label the band as.

When the first song, “It's Me You're Looking For” started, I got my first impression that this band was going to be doing some modern rock that has some metal in it as well as being a good song for modern rock radio. But at one point the tempo changed, then the style of song changed, and I realized that this band was not going to just stick to the one style of song to sing. One song, “Through These Eyes” has a slower tempo, “Surprise” has an opening that sounds like it could be used in a video game, “They Whisper” is a creepy track with someone talking over some static, “This Pain” is thrash metal, and that's just how this album goes, from one style to the next. Blowsight does not try to have their songs sounding the same because they are too busy trying to put pretty much a wide range of sounds in their songs.

Even though this album is all over the place it's not that bad to listen to. It's clear that these guys are playing songs to get put on the radio or maybe they just like the sound that radio songs have because that's exactly what they have with “Life & Death”. But by having the radio sound the lack of real creativity is not showing up in the songs. Sure Blowsight have a wide range of sounds on this album but I wasn't hearing anything that I would say is their own sound. They have a good technique when it comes to playing their instruments, they have skill there, and the vocals are strong, even when he does scream or is going with a slower tempo, but there is no sound I would allow me to identify the song as being one from Blowsight. The talent that they have for playing a song, vocals, and lyrics is there but it's just the same thing that I can get off the radio any time I want to with any other band out there.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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