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Bones: S1 (Preview)


Regular Air Date: 
Mondays 8/7C
On DVD: 
Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel, Boogeyman) is a forensic anthropologist that works at the Jeffersonian Institute and also writes novels. She is incredibly upset to learn though that the Institute has loaned her and her crew out to help the F.B.I.

Agent Seely Booth (David Boreanaz, Angel) is an ex-sniper looking for redemption by catching murderers. His job now is to talk Brennan into helping the F.B.I. identify corpses too badly damaged for standard methods of identification. When she agrees; but only if she can work in the field too Agent Booth quickly realizes that he is going to have his hands full trying to keep her restrained.

I love shows like CSI and all those true crime stories that come on A&E all the time, so I had an interest in seeing this show. After watching it though I can tell you it is certainly not a rip-off of CSI. It has its own feel. Where as other shows spread their focus out over various evidence, this show is based on the fact that there is going to be only one form of evidence, the body. You do have a bug guy, an assistant, and a lab tech that has designed a new gadget to help out. It is a 3D hologram that can reconstruct faces, how a person could get damage, and other helpful things. While I do give them props for trying something new in this show, the hologram had a little too much of a Sci-fi feel to it at first and that really takes you out of the show.

The first episode you really get the feeling that they are trying to build up the characters for you; because the crime itself is kind of in the background the whole time. This is not necessarily a bad thing since you have no clue what these people are about. Agent Booth is played by David Boreanaz. Now I couldn’t stand the Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Angel series so I was a little wary of him; but he really surprised me. His dry sense of humor and some of his facial acting actually had me crack a smile here or there. I am in fact looking forward to seeing what he can do. The lab techs are all quirky and odd in their own special way; but it seems based off all the shows we have seen they have to be right? Nothing new there. Then that leads you to Temperance.

Temperance is called Bones by Agent Booth among several other nicknames which she fights much like a kindergarten child does when they are flirting. They really want you to know that she is suppose to be a strong woman that can take care of herself because in the first episode alone she takes down two guys with her bare hands in different scenes and then takes a swing at someone else with a baseball bat. While I enjoy the fact that the lead female character is strong it felt a little overdone and that she is constantly in a lab with bones it seemed off. The one thing though that drove me insane through this show was Bones constantly saying to everyone “I don’t know what that means” or something to that affect. We get it, we know you spend a lot of time in the lab so you are unaware of how the outside world works please quit with the constant bombarding of ignorance.

I found the crime itself was interesting though. There are some new ways of solving a crime that haven’t been seen on other shows before. And there seems like they are going to try to have a nice mix of science and cop show since Agent Booth does still ask questions and knock on doors. But even with that there was still this peculiar feel with the show as they added several music montages giving it an almost WB feel. You expect at the end they will have the mini-commercial “Tonight’s episode features music from “band’s name”, their album on sale at stores everywhere”. This isn’t the best choice to make if you are wanting to draw in an older crowd.

Bones’ first episode really didn’t impress me; but it didn’t turn me off from the show either. As a set up it did a decent job (even if it was a little redundant) introducing the characters. Boreanaz might be a pleasant surprise for many, while Deschanel hasn’t quite broken out of her shell yet. This show is going to have a difficult time making out there in a market that is already flooded with crime shows though. I will give this show another chance by watching the second episode since it wasn’t a disappointment; but the second episode will need to pick up the pace and focus more on the crime at hand to let us see how all these new gadgets they have really work. If it doesn’t I’m afraid this show will quickly fade into the background.

Review by Pandora
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