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Boston's Finest (PREVIEW)

Boston's Finest

Boston Strong
Regular Air Date: 
Tuesdays @ 9PM ET
Air Date: 
Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Boston's Finest is a reality series that follows the duties of the Boston Police Department. Throughout the episode different officers discuss what they have to do while on the job as well as when they are off-duty. With crime and terrorism happening more and more there is a higher risk to the officers that patrol the streets. There's also a large amount of work for the officers as they have to deal with more now than just the common criminal and crime. Whenever a strange bag is found or just walking around the neighborhood to let the residents know they are being looked after, the Boston Police Department is there doing that job. With this series the officers are followed around so we the viewers can get a feel for what they have to go through each day.
This show is yet again, another reality show that follows the events of a police force. This time it's the Boston Police Department that is being followed around, which after the Boston Marathon bombing, the city has had a spotlight put on it. Now typically I don't care much for the cop reality shows, they usually are all the same, from following the cop in the car to the cop chasing down a criminal to it coming to an end with the criminal caught, nothing really changes. With this show I can't say that is fully true because there are some elements that are a little different. One being that they do more interviews with the officers that are on the show. They sit there talking to the camera giving explanations as to why they do what they do, what they do, and some other information about being a Boston Police Officer. Another thing that's different with this show is them using a current event. Now I know that there have been other shows that have used current events but typically the shows that have a major event on it, it's usually long after the event. This time they talk about the bombing that happened during the Boston Marathon in the same year this show is being aired.
Now I can't say that Boston's Finest had me going against my usual feelings for this kind of reality show but it did at least have my attention throughout the whole episode. That's because of those two reasons that I mentioned, the interviews and the current event. This felt more fresh and up to date on what was going on instead of seeming like what I was watching could have been shot years ago. This show became a little more personal because I had a connection with it because I knew what they were talking about when it came to the marathon bombing. By also having the interviews in the show I was becoming involved with the officers more as they talked about what they were going through on the job. It's a quick paced show, maybe not action adrenaline paced, but it moves along at a steady rate where even the interviews didn't slow it down any. This show does seem to be going for a more personal and emotional outcome that gets the viewer more involved with the content and the officers of the show and it's because of this that this show does end up being a little better than most of the other reality cop shows out there. I'm not watching a show that's about some high speed chase or someone getting thrown into the back of a police car, what I'm watching is a show that's about the officers being officers and that's refreshing.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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