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Brain Games (PREVIEW)

Brain Games

Focus Pocus
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Mondays @ 9PM ET
Air Date: 
Monday, April 22, 2013

Back in the 80’s I had so much fun as a kid watching a show on HBO called Brain Games. It was a short that played during intermissions during the channels weekend morning schedule for kids and it was a blast. Lots of riddles, confusing puzzles, and it was funny. You can still watch some of the skits on you tube where some wonderful people have shared them for archival pleasure.

Jump ahead to today and there is yet another show titled Brain Games, only this one is both a mixture of fun little scientific experiments that have to do with the brain, as well as explanation on why our brains react to certain stimuli the way they do. Like the early 80’s show that I loved as a kid, I am a huge fan of this bigger and better Brain Games show.

When I saw that I had been assigned this show I looked it up on you tube to see if I could get an early jump on researching it. I came across full episode where a street card hustler wants you to look at five cards and pick one. Later they shuffle the cards and then reveal to you that they are going to pick your exact card. Now, I’ve seen this trick all too often on those street magician shows and just kind of shrugged it off. Anything can be manipulated on a television show you have no interaction with. Low and behold though, when the card was pulled from the deck and it actually was mind, I was astonished and hooked. Not only to see how it was done, but also to get an explanation on why it was so simple to figure out what card I was going to pick and why.

That’s the beauty of this show. Interaction. You’re not just watching random strangers being asked to play the guinea pig, you’re the guinea pig. You’re given tests to help prove the theories on the show; from the incredible card game to memory games to quick tests. What makes them all so fantastic is that the games are fun and offer up proof positive that what you’re about to hear about your mind is undeniable fact, and that each lesson is either something you’ve never thought about or never knew existed about your limitations.

To top it all off the show is hosted by the affable Jason Silva as well as a slew of scientists who put across the information in layman terms that are funny, informative, and easy to remember kind of way. If you have any interest in the science of the brain or just like to be entertained you will absolutely love this show. No denying the facts, and it will teach you a bit about yourself and why we see and act the way we do. Good stuff. 

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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