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On DVD: 
Tuesday, September 17, 2013
Running Time: 
562 minutes

What happens when you pair up celebrities with some of the prominent neuroscientists and other experts? You get conversations, debates, and questions being posed about such topics as anger, love, sex, and the universe. Started in 2008 by the Rubin Museum of Art, Brainwave has become a very popular event. Some of the guests that take part in these talks are Henry Rollins, Debra Winger, and Lewis Black as they discuss topics that will give you some new ideas to think about, even if you don't agree with them.

This is one of those DVD's that someone either has to be already be interested in or you're not. There's no real middle ground because if you just kind of like the topics being talked about or like watching two people sit on a stage talking about science, then you won't like this. For me I'm already interested in these topics and watch other shows on them so I found these 10 episodes quite informative and entertaining. Not much really happens other than a lot of talking, some debating, some slide shows, and laughter while talking about matters that can be found boring to some.
Having some of the guests speakers being celebrities was a good idea because it brings in the idea of wanting to know what they have to say on the topics. One of my favorites was the when they talked about the universe and how it works. Though I was liking all 10 of these episodes as the topics are quite interesting to hear. Watching this is more like watching a lecture from a class instead of watching a home DVD. I was given some new thoughts to process about how people handle anger, happiness, and how the universe might be like an 80's video game where if you reach one side you will reappear on the other side of the screen.
Though like I said there's not much really going on with this DVD other than listening to these scientists talk about physics, the universe, and human emotions. I can't say that I didn't get a little bored at some point while watching the episodes because I did. The way it is set up is just showing these guests talking on the stage to the audience. Not much else happens, unless you count a few slideshow problems, this DVD is only lectures being given on a stage. Even with me finding this interesting it has moments that just slow down too much that would allow for an easy to get distracted. Though my main and only real problem with this DVD was the black slates that had questions asked that broke up the flow of the conversations. They could have put the question up with the show in the background but that black screen just interrupted the conversation. There's also not much going on with the camera work but with only have 2 people talking on a stage that's pretty bland means that there's not much a camera can do to make it more exciting.

Lee Roberts
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