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Brian Tarquin & Heavy Friends: Guitars For Wounded Warriors

Guitars For Wounded Warriors

(Brian Tarquin & Heavy Friends)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Have you ever been listening to some metal or hard rock songs and play some air guitar along with the song? Maybe you've thought to yourself about how awesome it would be to listen to that same song where you could only hear those rocking guitar riffs. Then you are in luck because the new album, "Guitars For Wounded Warriors" is just that kind of music. This album consists of only instrumentals, mainly focusing on the guitars, from Emmy Award winning Brian Tarquin along with other artists like Gary Hoey, Billy Sheehan, Bumblefoot, Chirs Poland, and many others. This is an album for anyone that just wants to rock out to the sounds of some metal rock songs without the having some vocals getting in the way of some solid guitar work and for the listener, some jamming air guitar playing.

When I saw the title of this album, "Guitars For Wounded Warriors", my first thought was what a great cause this is, music that will benefit the men and women that serve to protect us and have been injured. Only thing though, it's just in name and as far as I could tell the album has nothing to do with the Wounded Warrior organization, though I could be wrong and if so I hope I am and I humbly apologize because any help for these guys is always good. Now, aside from that, this album uses military themes for the songs, more so in the names then the actual playing of the songs, though I suppose that they could be a theme song for what the titles say they are. Such titles are ones like "5 Clicks to Hell", "Surgical Strike", and "Black Hawk", as well as the rest of the 11 tracks on this album.

Going off the title again, I figured that this album was going to be nothing but guitars playing without having any vocals and other instruments. That's not the case, aside from not having vocals, the songs being played are a whole song. There are other instruments like the drums and piano being played in the songs but it's still the guitars that take center stage on the tracks. These guitar riffs are strong, highly energized songs that for anyone that loves the guitar will find this to be a good album. All the tracks are played with a lot of gusto and played very well with their strong melodies, the intense chords that get the ear of the listener, and just catchy notes that make you want to play some air guitar along with the song. This is a creative album by some talented artist for people that want to listen to strong guitars without having to have vocals cover over the guitars. If you have a small amount of interest in playing the guitar then listening to "Brian Tarquin & Heavy Friends Guitars For Wounded Warriors" will have you wanting to go out to buy one or pick up the one you already so you can start playing along with these songs.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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