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Bronze Radio Return: Up, On & Over

Up, On & Over

(Bronze Radio Return)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bronze Radio Return’s latest release “Up, On & Over” features 13 new tracks from the band. The album consists of songs that are down to Earth- no politics, no tragic dramas, just observational songs about life in general. From worrying about time slipping by in Melting In My Ice Box to being grateful for that awesome person in your life in Thick and Thin. It’s a no stress album that sound well produced and well played.

Having come into this album without having listened to the band before I started hunting down info on the bands origins. It all started in Hartford, Connecticut where founder Chris Henderson connected with other musicians and started making music that was both original as well as a nod to some of their influences. I can see that concept in this album. As I listened I could hear faint traces of Franz Ferdinand, Elbow, Arctic Monkeys, and Mumford and Sons. Could these be influences for the band? Maybe, maybe not. It’s all in the ear right?

In any case the band offers up a well rounded sound that accompanies the lyrics well. I felt like neither the music nor the lyrics really took center stage as the album on a whole really came together, especially with the crisp production sound on the album. It’s very well spaced and allows you to hear everything from Henderson’s twists and turns on vocals to the slightest percussion subtly tapping out in the background. It really helps set up your ear for the album so that the more you listen the deeper you go and the further away from familiarity you find yourself. Either way, good stuff. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
Review by AJ Garcia
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