Brothers and Sisters: Season 4

Brothers and Sisters

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Special Features

Bloopers, deleted scenes, The Red Carpet, and more.

It’s been four years that the Walker family has been going through the most dramatic problems that a family could possibly have. This season was no different than the other 3. With all the problems that arise in the Walker family they seem to stick together, and there are a lot of problems. Secrets, revelations, more secrets, anger, fights, and just all around drama is what you get with season 4 of Brothers and Sisters. With a cast that features Sally Field, Calista Flockhart, Rob Lowe, and so many more there’s enough people around to make anything small into something large.

So again, another season of just drama that makes no sense to me. I thought maybe this year it would tone down some and it kind of did some. The first half of the season was mainly centered around the Kitty’s cancer, though then again this was pretty drama filled as well. Again though the drama can’t be held back, there just has to be problems that arise in this show that just get on my nerves. Why the family busisness seems to have some sort of trouble poping up is beyond me but this happens yet again in this season.

After 4 years of these characters, the actors have done a good job with the roles, but that’s pretty much all that I could like about the show. I just don’t get why there has to be so much drama in this show that it just sets me off. Just when I was starting to think that something might be going well with this family there is a problem that pops up that turns into a full 5 alarm disaster. The plot lines just keep repeating, as in with some sort of problem that tries to tear the family apart but then at the end they get together but with the finale they have an even worse problem happen. This formula needs to stop, it was old with season 2, it was even worse in season 3, and now with season 4 it’s just blah.

Brothers and Sisters season 4 is a show that when I watch all I think is what’s going to happen next. Though not in that oh I can’t wait to see what happens next kind of way but more like when I was in school and the teacher kept bringing me bad news and giving pop tests. Having that much tension set in a show didn’t make it fun for me to watch, it just has me waiting for it to be over so I can sit back to relax some. The only thing that I found that enjoyable on the season 4 DVD set were the special features. The bloopers are the best part, I just get a kick out of watching actors trying to do their lines and messing up, not sure why but it’s funny to me. But other than that, this is a very long drama filled show that just gets tiresome.

Lee Roberts
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