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Bubble Guppies: On The Job!

Bubble Guppies

On The Job!
On DVD: 
Tuesday, February 5, 2013

First off, Kudos to whoever created the theme song for Bubble Guppies. It’s cute, catchy, poppy, and completely sticks in your head long after your done watching the show. Just brilliant.

Aside from the theme, Bubble Guppies ended up surprising me a lot. It reminded me of the show You Can’t Do That On Television. The show starts off with a skit to introduce the title and theme song, there’s a variety of skits surrounding the main storyline, and the you’ve got your mainstays in the show that pop up such as Bubble Puppy and Mr. Grouper. Mixed in with the skits and story you’ve got the age old formula of asking the viewer to point out things and repeat. It’s even got other great memorable songs that the Bubble Guppies sing.

If it’s not the lunch song there are various songs that pertain to the episode. All of the songs including the theme are excellently done with that catchy pop feel and cute singing. I really had a blast with all the songs in every episode.

Educational factors include the fact that all the food the BG’s eat are healthy; from mixed vegetables to salads. You’ve got color recognition, counting, plus the other moral lessons that you’d expect to find in a kids show like this. All in all a great release that boasts a 2 hour run time. I highly suggest.

AJ Garcia
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Paul Arca's picture

My 4 year old niece loves this show and watches it every morning. I thought it was a bit awkward, but had lots of good educational value.