Buffalo Soldiers

Buffalo Soldiers

On DVD: 
Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Running Time: 
99 minutes

As the Cold War slowly comes to an end Elwood (Joaquin Phoenix) fights boredom while serving in West Germany. For pleasure he has mastered trading on the black market and becoming the “go to” guy for the other soldiers. Always staying on the good side of his commander (Ed Harris), Elwood enjoys his benefits and luxuries. When Sergeant Lee enters the picture a hitch is thrown into Elwood’s schemes and he ends up deeper than he could imagine.

This is a dark comedy about action that can occur during times of peace. Joaquin gives a fantastic performance causing the viewer to side with his character. Violence, drugs, and death are lightened up with cynical humor to keep you tuned in. The bonus features are a bit lacking. But overall this edgy movie will have you laughing at even the most disturbing things.

Review by Pandora
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