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Café de Flore

Café de Flore

In Theatres: 
Feb 08, 2013
Running Time: 
2 hours, 1 minute

Love is a powerful emotion and can make people do crazy things. Café de Flore presents two such stories from two completely different time periods. In 1969, single mother Jacqueline (Vanessa Paradis) has given birth to her son who has Down syndrome. Regardless of his condition, she loves him unconditionally. In modern day Montreal, Antoine (Kevin Parent) struggles to keep his relationship with his girlfriend Rose (Evelyne Brochu) afloat when his ex-wife is still in the picture. It’s love that connects both these stories in more ways than one.

Café de Flore is almost like two films in one with its seemingly separate stories. It can be confusing, especially towards the beginning when you’re not sure what exactly is going on. The cuts between the stories are quick, and it’ll take a few times before you can adjust to what’s actually going on. It isn’t until the latter half of the film that the bigger picture starts to fall in place.

There’s a romantic charm to the film, as confusing as it may be. Both stories share enough similarities that you realized they’re connected in some fashion but can’t quite put a finger on it yet. It’s also a story about life, as much as it is about love. Give it a chance, and I think you’ll be pleasantly pleased.

Café de Flore is one of those films that somewhat struggles towards the beginning but if you stick with it, makes a lot of sense when it ends. If you’re a lover of darker, romantic films, then this one is right up your alley.

Matt Rodriguez
Review by Matt Rodriguez
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